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Rubbish removal of debris, junk, construction waste, and similar materials can be extremely challenging. You may not have a method to transport them or know where to dispose of them.

A local skip hire service is one of the best ways to overcome this challenge. You can find someone with a skip hire permit and let them handle all the issues for you. Or you can just get one in your driveway and collect all the construction junk in it.

If you are looking for the best skip hire service, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of services to meet specific needs, focusing on customer satisfaction.

No matter the size of your junk, we have the team and the equipment to handle it. No job is too big or too small for our team.

Call us today, and let’s help you eliminate your waste.

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What is Skip Hire?

A skip, skip bin is a large open-topped container that can be loaded on a special lorry. It is designed in a specific shape to fit on the lorry.

 You can hire this container for your company or whatever you need and use it for disposing of certain kinds of waste. Many national skip hire firms offer these containers at affordable prices. They will cover the delivery and removal of the skip but not the loading costs.

There are different types of skip hire designed for specific needs. For instance, a commercial skip hire service is meant for large firms with much junk removal needs. The skip hire company will bring and remove the skip when it’s full for a specific period.

You can hire a wait-and-load skip service if you require loading services. Or alternatively, consider working with a man or clearance van as they offer loading services too.

You can dispose of anything in a skip except the following:

  • Asbestos

  • Batteries

  • Clinical and medical waste

  • Florescent tubes

  • Electronics

  • Dangerous Gas canisters/bottles

  • Toxic material

  • Liquids include petrol, oil and diesel

  • Paint cans

  • Plasterboard

  • Rubber tires

Note that this is not an exhaustive list. It is crucial that you know these prohibited items as they can land you in trouble. The items will be returned to you by the local skip hire company, which might cost extra.

Also, keep an eye on your skip hire placed in a public space. Other people may put their items in, some of which could be prohibited and land you in trouble. Consider putting it in a more private area where not just anyone has access.

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Where is Skip Hire Used?

There are many reasons why anyone in the UK will want to get a local skip hire provider. The main reason is that they offer a more convenient solution for waste management.  

They’re used in different places, including:

  • Domestic areas. You will need a waste disposal solution for your ongoing home renovation project. All the junk that comes from fixing a bathroom knocking down a wall, or installing a new roof will require a good waste disposal solution.

  • When installing a new driveway. A lot of people use skips to hire in Rosyth when installing a new driveway or pavement. You can easily load the junk onto a small skip and have it removed conveniently.

  • Clearing unwanted waste. A Rosyth skip hire is also a convenient solution for junk removal in old places. It can help you get rid of garbage like old furniture and other items from your house.

  • Backyard and garden waste clearing. You can easily get rid of all the waste from your garden with cheap skip hire. Organic waste, like soil and other materials, is sometimes not very easy to dispose of. A small affordable skip hire should help you.

The choice will mainly depend on the skip hire sizes, mixed waste setting and other factors as defined by the user. But it all comes down to how you want to use the dumpster rental service.

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Types of Skip Hire

It is crucial to choose the right skip if you want to get the most out of it. They come in different sizes, measurements and lengths. The size matters the most in most instances.

Here is the most common skip hire based on size:

Builders Skip Hire

Builders skips come in 6 cubic yard size and are common in commercial sites. They offer a convenient solution for waste management in commercial projects where junk removal items like fencing, concrete, soil and rubble must be properly disposed of. These skips are excellent for any large scaled project and managing dangerous garbage, but it requires local council permits.

Mini Skip

Your skip size depends on how much waste you want to remove. Mini skips are usually available in 2 or 3-yard sizes, ideal for smaller amounts of waste. It is a cost-effective, convenient and popular way of managing waste material in domestic and small job setups.

RoRo Skip

The environmental protection services offered by skip hire can never be overlooked. A good example is with RoRo skips or Roll on Roll off skips, which come in 20 to 40 cubic yard measurements. They are large enough to accommodate larger debris like waste plasterboard material, construction waste, etc. You will find them in local areas where construction business happens, or large disposal of waste is required.

Midi Skip

As stated earlier, your skip size depends on your job and the amount of waste you want to dispose of. Midi skips are popular with mature kitchen fitments, bathroom remodeling and house painters. People use them for domestic and landscaping / tree care needs. And since they are smaller, it is easier to avoid council permits.

Maxi Skip

A maxi skip measures 12 cubic yards and is slightly larger than a builders skip. They take up more space and carry more garbage, which is why they are ideal for bulkier waste. Construction companies and tipper hire services use this option much more than others.

Secure Skip

We mentioned the risk of other people putting their waste in your skip hire. Avoid putting your skip hire in public spaces, or get secure skips (lockable) for extra protection.

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Benefits of Skip Hire?

Wrongful disposal of waste materials can have a lot of negative impacts on natural resources. You may not know where to take the junk removal from your construction project, which could force you to leave piles of it everywhere. Cheap skip hire could be the best solution for these issues.

Here are some of the benefits you will get from these services:


Imagine working on a large construction project that leaves a lot of junk. You will need a place to manage it properly. Large skips have proven invaluable for such situations. You don’t have to worry about how or where to dispose of the dirt.


Smaller skips are quite handy in domestic projects. They are more affordable, easier to set in place and can take in all your garbage. This will save you more money than hiring a removal company.

Eco-friendly Solutions

Managing large quantities of waste without affecting the environment would be very hard. Skip hires are used for such needs. Besides, they only carry authorized materials, without dangerous or hazardous items, making them environmentally friendly.

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

There are different skip hire prices in Rosyth based on various parameters, mainly size, delivery location/street address and collection date. And the best thing is to always ask for a free skip hire quote before engaging any service to get further information and the best prices. However, you need to be very careful since most companies will quote the price without the value-added tax (VAT), which could increase the cost.

Several factors will determine how much you will pay in the end. These include:

Eco-friendly Solutions

Managing large quantities of waste without affecting the environment would be very hard. Skip hires are used for such needs. Besides, they only carry authorized materials, without dangerous or hazardous items, making them environmentally friendly.

Skip Size

Size is one of the biggest factors affecting the price of skip hires. Smaller skips will cost less, while larger skips will cost a lot more. We advise finding an ideal solution based on how much waste you want to remove.

Our skip hire sizes range from 4 to 40 cubic yards. Please see our skip sizes guide for more information.

Skip Location

A local skip hire will have more flexible rates than one from a different region. Besides, prices fluctuate based on where you are and where the company operates. Luckily, you can ask for free quotes and use them to compare bids.

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Local Rosyth Skip Hire Permit

Another crucial factor that will affect the total cost is local permits. The law demands permits for skips placed on public roads. However, you can avoid local permits by placing your skip in a private space. Besides, the skip hire provider normally takes care of acquiring them.

Additional Skip Hire Charges

As stated earlier, be ready for some additional charges when hiring a skip hire. These include VAT, charges for special bags and fines for disposing of prohibited items. Understanding all these charges before you make a move is always good.

How Long Will You Need The Skip Hire?

The longer you stay with the skip hire, the more you will pay. Some service providers allow for an unlimited period, which leads to more costs in the long run.

How Much Does The Skip Weigh?

Another factor to remember when hiring a skip is the weight. Regulations and rules exist to govern how much weight providers can accept. The smallest skip can weigh about one tonne, while the heaviest can exceed 5 tonnes depending on size and capacity.

Tips For Getting The Best From Your Skip Hire in Rosyth

Poor waste management is one of the biggest causes of global warming. And that is why strict regulations and laws exist in most regions. Hiring a skip hire in Rosyth is one way of adhering to these rules and protecting the environment.

But they can be quite expensive for some people, which is why they may choose to avoid them. However, you can get a great deal from these services if you know how to go about it.

Here are some tips you can follow for maximum benefit:

Always Get The Right Price Beforehand

Always ask for quotes if you need a skip hire for large construction work or simple home renovations. Research the market, compare quotes from different companies, and then choose the lowest. But be aware of hidden charges too – preferably choose one that includes taxes, permit costs and other influencers.

Consider Alternative Disposal Methods

Are you installing a new bathroom and have some items that are still in great condition? Consider selling, donating or recycling. Someone can use your old furniture, bed sets, bathroom fittings and such items.

This will cut down the skip hire costs by reducing waste material. Besides, recycling is a great way to save energy and achieve resource conservation.

Plan Early

Proper planning is essential if you wish to get the most from your skip hire. You may not realize it, but booking in advance is a great way to save money.

Last-minute rush brings up desperation, which makes service providers charge more. So, start early, and you will have time for options.

Use a Reliable Skip Hire Service

Perhaps the best way to get a good deal from your skip hire is to find a reliable skip provider. You want to get your waste management solution from someone who understands your needs and has flexible packages to meet them.  

Skip hire only offers delivery and removal. You will have to outsource loading services if you have a lot of waste piled up somewhere. It could be more convenient to hire a wait-and-load skip, which is excellent for a load that is ready to go.

Reliable and Trustworthy Skip Hire Rosyth

Are you looking for the most reliable and trustworthy skip hire provider in Rosyth? You are right home. Whether you want domestic or commercial skip hire solutions, we are the most competent company.

We aim to create an environment where waste management is safe, easy and convenient. We are a licensed and certified waste removalist with several years of experience.

It is easy: call, get a quote and choose your size. Contact us now!

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